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Through a strong background in acting and performing, I have developed a keen sense of who I am and how I function. In my basic training and experience as an actor, I have learned how to be able to put myself on pause and choose my reactions.

Being able to control your mind is an invaluable skill that I feel everyone needs to learn, in one way or another. One of Patanjali sutras states “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha” which means “The purpose of yoga is to balance the fluctuations of the mind”

This theme permeates all of my workshops in some way, shape or form.

In addition, by decades of dedicated practice of martial arts and yoga, deep introspection, ceremonial work and challenging my beliefs and actions, emerging as a victor of my own limitations, I have further honed an understanding of me.

All this while also gaining a clear view of the human condition. This has strengthened my love for my fellow humans and keeps awakening the urge to share my knowledge and experience in a harmonious and loving way.


2003 – BfA in Acting – Theatre Academy in Helsinki
2008 – Kundalini Reiki Master – Ole Gabrielsen
2009 – Indian Head Massage Therapist – Johanna Saari
2010 – Navajo Therapy Practitioner
2010 – NLP Master Practitioner – Mark Haley
2011 – Authorized Aivobic Instructor – Reidar Wasenius
2012 – Certified Energetic Orgasm Therapist – Andrew Barnes
2013 – Transformational Hypnotherapy Practitioner – Christopher Howard
2016 – Training for Warriors Level 1 Instructor – Martin Rooney
2019 – Yoga teacher training YTT200 – (Hatha/Ashtangha) Upaya Yoga – Goa, India
2019 – Yin Yoga Teacher – Yoga Nordic


Creating the perfect presentation
Activating your inner voice
Overcoming stage fright
Natural presenting
Corporate culture
Negotiation skills
Sacred sexuality


I’m available for workshops, lectures, seminars and events all over the world. I am currently stationed in Southern Finland with the ability to travel.

I primarily work in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Send me info on your event, dates and preferred content to im@thechristofferweiss.com